Bolg You can read drawings + communicate with your mobile phone! Senior engineers are using it

Nowadays, designers or engineers can't work without computers.

Drawing、design、modeling and communication……You need a computer with CAD software installed,And continue to communicate with partners through chat software, e-mail, etc.

A lot of discussion and modification suggestions were inadvertently ignored.

This is terrible!

What's worse, if you're outdoors and don't have a computer,What should I do when I suddenly want to see the design drawing?

I can't imagine!

Therefore, how important it is to have a software that can see drawings on your mobile phone at any time. A software called Tsridiopen can solve these problems.

Tsridiopen is a technical communication software for viewing, sharing, annotating and communicating drawings by mobile phone. It supports a variety of application terminals such as mobile app, mobile browser and PC, and supports more than 30 kinds of 3D models and 2D drawings.

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