Bolg Do virtual worlds need architects?

Architecture is a common scene of 3D technology, so it is also one of the most easily migrated elements from the real world to the virtual world.

In the virtual world, when people exist in a digital form, virtual buildings are commonly used scenes.

In fact, virtual buildings existed long before the virtual world existed. Architectural drawings show 3D space. The construction industry uses design software for 3D drawing, and with the development of computer technology, it is gradually combined with CAD, 3DMax and other software. The computer model drawn by this process is actually a virtual architectural form.

In the virtual world, the characters will not be tired or tired. Therefore, the use of furniture and decoration in the building will be diluted. Their existence is more to provide users with the most realistic experience possible and create the atmosphere required for the scene. feel. For example, in a rooftop bar, virtual outdoor tables, chairs, and hanging baskets are not as important to virtual characters as they are in real life. Virtual characters composed of codes will not be tired from standing for a long time, but these furniture are not as important to virtual characters as they are in real life. Creating a relaxed gathering atmosphere is important, and these designs bring virtual buildings closer to what people experience in real life.

For architects in the virtual world, what they need to study and pay attention to is how to expand the feelings that people get in a specific space. XR immersive experiences expand the scope and possibilities of such experiences to a certain extent, allowing the entire environment, experience, atmosphere and other complexities of architectural design to be included.

Lara Lesmes of Space Popular believes that architecture creates a new language in virtual space. When virtual characters participate in activities, tables and chairs are not needed, but code and atmosphere are necessary. What virtual buildings do is not only to let us sit down, but they also convey a lot of environment and atmosphere information.

For architects, the fusion of 3D visualization technology and design allows architects to participate in the architecture of virtual spaces and understand them. Virtual reality is a tool for modeling and visualizing the physical world. With the development of XR technology, virtual reality will also become an integral part of architecture.

As gaming technology develops, the boundaries between architects and web designers in the 21st century will gradually blur. When designing houses in the Metaverse, architects naturally have the advantage of 3D thinking ability, because in XR all objects are 3D, and architects are good at keeping these environments in their imagination and working with them.

Therefore, in the future, understanding and mastering more 3D technology will have a significant impact on the professional development of architects.

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