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If your company is in the business of supporting designers or engineers with their digital experi-
ences and are insterested in 3d model viewing and editing, sharing service, reach out!

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Introduction of Tsiridiopen

Tsridiopen is the first-rank CAD viewing tool for web or mobile

  • Tsridiopen support 40 kinds of 2D and 3D CAD formats.
  • You can moving, zoom in, zoom out, rotating, and adjusting the angle of 2D/3D CAD files.
  • Tsridiopen supports rapid measurement of dimension, area, volume and angle data.
  • You can view attachment functions, perspective, sectioning, peripheral information, 3D model structure, explosion, etc, share documents securely through social media.
  • Tsridiopen is free for limited time.

Tsridiopen users scale

Tsridiopen already has 1000000 users and is rapidly increasing at a rate of 30000 users per month.

Features of Tsridiopen users

Main occupations are engineers and designers, good at using CAD files.

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